Healthy Boy Zine #1: “summer shifts”:

‘I love my job
contrary to the belief
of huffy parents
bringing neat kids
to the uni up the hill
‘I studied english too
loved it
loved every second’
the mum and dad
exchange a glance
hmm well
sure I’ll be in debt
forever but why not
have fun doing it’


“Sound of two black hoodies swallowing each other in the rain” with Jessie Whiteley:

-algia #1: “am I ill?”

‘they say only when you’re old do you experience symptoms of confusion and panic: explain, then, lying in the bath, heart hammering, brain duller than the steam rising from my body, the inner thundering I cannot silence with mindful breath, and the hellish thoughts that come stampeding from my chest?’

SPAM #10, Millenium Megabus: “in the night, in the bus, intercity”

‘Music in ears pounding, though ears sore, music softening the nervous brain, the motorway rolls around and is transformed by the narrative of a song. If the earbuds were to be removed, an exhaustive silence would be revealed. Engine softly revving, each passengers’ buttocks reverberating in perfect rhythm.’

Make Me Money & Don’t Piss Me Off: An Unofficial The Apprentice Anthology (SPAM Press): “Sir-Alan-quy”

the current wage for a young apprentice is £3.90
but I can make you a six-figure man.

hustling around The City in sleek black cabs
we yell horizontal into our palms the demands,

our – yes, our – demands! far be it from us to accept
the daunting prospect of others’ incompetence:

you and I, with belligerent intelligence,
will outbid them ALL.’


Blue House Journal: “Loneliness of the long-distance passenger”

‘motorways became the romance, 
the soft crush of the bus chair pattern was a nervous hand on a leg.
I went forth with no seatbelt: that was love.’

Meet Cute Zine #1: “But I’m A Cheerleader: Joyous Queer Laughter in the Face of Heteronormative Ridiculousness”

‘In the beginning, Megan’s world is completely drab and brown, save for cheerleading. As soon as she reaches the conversion camp True Directions, however, life takes on a nauseating brightness all cast in hot pukey pinks and neon blues.

What follows is a crash course in Heteronormativity 101. Women are the caretakers, both emotional and domestic. Men are bluff and buff and love sports. Of course no one fits easily into these roles.

In the midst of this, Megan falls in love.’

Xylem/Phloem: “Life As A Seagull” & “Year With No Hairbrush”

A group of fleshy things, below, squawks deep,
preventing me from glass-eyed sleep.
I screech back. Hyena of the skies,
I laugh and laugh till all sound dies,
and tiny lights in strange-shaped rocks wink and stop.’

From Glasgow To Saturn #42: “Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Weekend”

‘The night melted along like that. Out on the street, the snow had gone completely – the weather always behaved that way. Nothing stayed for long. Rivulets and gushing streams made a waterpark of the pavement, dully lit by orange streetlights. The overfull gutter dripped loudly. Angie was glad not to be outside, glad to be feeling the reservoir of heat emanating from the cheap wine in her stomach, in her cheeks, at the base of her skull.


From Glasgow To Saturn #40: “opening things”

‘it’s not enough to know what’s going on –
to know what the book’s about,
to know the hands are moving,
to know that time goes.’

SPAM #6: Chips & Cheese: “Sick Day”

‘you ever stand up too fast and see flashes
of blue ribboned curtains superimposed onto everything?
for like, a microsecond?’


Suma Lima #2: “Zeus as an entemophobe”

‘It is my special reward to recall, vaguely, vividly, the brief, unencumbered hours of childhood. The days, how they blurred! One into the other. The punctuation of time is a weapon. I no longer remember my original crime, only that I am scared to die.’


Departures: “Room Sitting”

‘                              here

the spines of all his books

arrow straight, in regiment.

the iron head of all his learning

feeds here; but there is some

leakage, there is a hole that bleeds

freely: he is not a tin man, as i am copper woman.’


The Grind #3: “The Conversation”

First there’s the conversation. Before the conversation is the party, and before the party is the girl emotionally atrophying in her room, and before that is the girl learning to breathe in. And out and in. And out. And in. You get the picture.’